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This is my deep sea diver done @Tattoo You, São Paulo, by Victor Montaghini. 

On the other arm I have an astronaut, done by the same artist.


Tom Bagshaw’s “Black Lodge" Portraits and Book Release.

Tom Bagshaw, master of the mysterious, has slowly (and slightly in secret) been working on a new series of darker and occult themed portraits (from over 800 user submissions on Instagram) entitled, “The Black Lodge" which will be released tomorrow, August 1st, 2014 for purchase as well as grouped together in an impressive collectors book.

The book and portraits will be available tomorrow in Tom’s Online Store.

See way more work from “The Black Lodge" series and a preview of the book below:

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The US has the SATs in part because of eugenics. I would like to applaud the universities that don’t take them seriously.

You are so cute it makes me cry how far out of my reach you are

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I’m not that out of reach! Unless you’re in a relationship. Because I’m too greedy and jealous. And if that’s the case (you being in a relationship) then maybe you shouldn’t be calling me cute??? Just a tip…

me at a party: not 2 toot my own horn but i did once make tacos so good they made my friend cry, toot toot lmao


5 inch long Megalodon teeth are almost unheard of from Venice, Florida. Unlike the teeth out of the Carolinas which frequently reached lengths in excess of 5 inches, teeth from the Bone Valley Formation average around 2 inches.  

This tooth from Venice Florida is exactly 5 inches in length, with beautiful enamel and great serrations.

For sale at: http://www.fossilera.com/fossils-for-sale/fossil-megalodon-teeth



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Ah this took a long time to set up. I had to constantly rearrange them because I ran out of room on my bed to add around 30 more XD Otherwise enjoy this update!

This is exactly what heaven looks like I think

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Six weeks is so far, yet so close.

I just want it to be Halloween ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶

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